19 July 2011

Turkish Views, Part One

Because so many people have downloaded Theo MacKay's watercolor of the dog Ayyusha, it seems appropriate to share more of Theo's work.  This little sketch is of Fawzi, another Egyptian dog.

In 1965-1966, Theo and Pierre MacKay spent a year at the British School at Ankara. During that year they traveled with Ayyusha and a Landrover to sixty-one of the sixty-seven vilayets in Turkey.  Theo painted the town scenes below from hotel windows between arrival and nightfall, and the flowers at lunchtime stops by the road.

Because today is her daughter Alexandra's birthday, this is for Alexandra, with love.

* * * * * *

17 October 1965

31 October 1965

31 October 1965

6 November 1965

 Near Siirt
24 May 1966

7 November 1965

10 November 1965

11 November 1965

Near Sidur
7 December 1965

12 November 1965


Copyright © Alexandra MacKay 2011

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