12 February 2012

8 ducats for aromatics

Two hundred and eighteen blogs ago, I wrote about the unfortunate situation of the Minio brothers. Alvise, Almoro, and Francesco Minio had been sued by their brother-in-law, Leonardo Malipiero, for the 8,000 gold ducats they owed their sister Lucretia from her dowry. Lucretia's mother, Maria de Molin, had left this to Lucretia in her will, and in Venetian law, the dowry was sacrosanct.

The Minio family was extremely wealthy in property, but not in cash, so 31 years after the original suit, after Lucretia had died, her second husband was collecting interest payments on the debt.

The original suit seems to have been brought when the father of the three brothers and Lucretia, Lorenzo Minio, died in July 1532 An inventory was made of his personal possessions. This is my translation of the inventory. The several occurrences of beds suggests that this inventory was made room by room, starting with the "best" room.  I found it interesting that it was easiest to find more contemporary images for the first of the list, more difficult the further I went down the list.

Two used beds
Three bolsters

Two pillows
One bedspread of yellow and rose cloth, old

One fox coverlet backed with rose wool
One red canopy

One pair of sheets
One cushion and one chamberpot
6 rugs, various

Three painted wall panels, 19 x 8 braza
One round table with bone inlay
One bedside chest
One painting of Our Lady, gilded, with a damascene lamp 

One gilded dressing-mirror
Two paintings on cloth with gold frames

One black gown, man’s, old-fashioned with sleeves, trimmed with vair

One gown of black cloth with sleeves, trimmed with fox
One velvet belt.

Two beds
Two feather bolsters
Two pillows
One bedspread of green &yellow cloth (old, torn).
One pair of cotton curtains with trim
Four wall-hangings painted with greenery of various kinds, 19 x 6

Seven carpets of various kinds, baled
Seven painted chests

One bed
One bolster
One panel painted with a figure, 9 braza square
One gilded dressing mirror

One small painting of Our Lady, gilded.

One gilded mirror
One black camel’s hair, gown, lined with black cloth
One black camel’s hair gown
One reddish-brown silk quilt with trimming
Three small cases
Four painted chests

 One walnut bench
Six chairs (in pieces)
One wooden dining table with base

 One clothes’ mannequin

One bed
One wool-stuffed mattress
One figured cloth
One brown bedspread

One white cotton bedspread
Seven wooden chests with the Minio coat-of-arms

One small bed for the servant

Four copper pots
One copper pot
Three copper pots
One copper water box

One copper box
One pair of iron fire dogs
One water basin

Five bowls
Two frying pans
Two graters and other kitchen item of little value

One copper bed-warmer

Four pewter bowls
One pair of brass fire-dogs with iron rounds

Three copper bowls
One brass basin
8 chairs

All these goods were estimated by Ser Alvise Brochetti
personally at D105, that is 105 ducats.
Note that from the above 105 ducats 21 ducats is subtracted
for the tomb of Ser Lorenzo D21, that is 21 ducats.

Item: for aromatics and aromatic wax, in total D8 —

Computed for the above-said dowry ducats seventy-six,
that is 76 ducats remaining.

Tranquillus Bivilaqua C. transcribed personally

* * * * * *

Seventy-six ducats would not have made much of a dent in the 8,000
ducats owed.  Recall that Lorenzo Minio died in July.  They were
going to need a lot of aromatics and aromatic wax for the funeral candles.

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